International Spa – Blue Lagoon Iceland

The first time I went to Iceland, I was turning 39 (again) and wanted to see the Northern Lights. I got my wish. I also ran an 8 mile marathon training run into the Icelandic interior and swore I could hear trolls and elves ...Read More

Easy & Clean Italian Pasta Salad

I’ve been experimenting with creating meals that use ‘healthy’ oils like olive oil … and the absence of mayonnaise. The key here was the dressing and the spices. I emulsified 1 part Trader Joe’s Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar with 2 parts high quality olive ...Read More

Creamy Protein Pasta Salad

I’ve been going crazy with creamy pasta salads for summer, now that I’ve figured out I can replace mayo with fat free Greek yogurt (which is SUPER high in protein) and NO-FAT!. This latest salad is a quick throw together and my first experiment ...Read More

The Best Creative Coach I’ve Ever Had

When I was 21, I found Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way’ and began reading it. I got as far as signing the contract at the beginning of the book… and then I drifted away into living my 20’s … joining a rock band ...Read More

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